Please Tell Us Your Working-From-Home Tech Issues? (During COVID-19)

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At RepairMedia we love technology and so do our clients!

Thats why we are starting this short blog to assist any customer that are at home!

If any of our customers are having tech issues we can support you remotely during COVID-19, Please get in touch with our support team to open a ticket.

Need help monitoring your interent speed, firewalls, anti-virus, VPN setup.

We can assist in anything and everything to do with IT infrastructure

We here these phrases regularly:


  • 'im unable to log in! ...
  • “I've got the dreaded blue screen of death!” ...
  • “I deleted some important files!” ...
  • “I just closed my document without saving!” ...
  • “My computer is running too slowly!” ...
  • “My computer just shut down unexpectedly!” ...
  • “I can't print anything!”

    For instance, for what reason is your speed so moderate when attempting to download work documents? Do you need another work PC? Another remote switch? Another link modem? A superior web plan? Is your work's VPN misbehaving?

    Having Home Anti-Virus issues.

    Not a problem our team can assist you with any of these issues.

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