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Child Protection Browsing Software

The Internet is a great tool for learning and doing coursework, But when children go online
and you cannot be there to supervise them this software has got your back it has some key
features to protect your child while they are online! Peace of mind for you.

Key Features Of This Software

block porn

Multilingual content filterin

Child Protection blocks thousands of porn sites, which is written in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Franch, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
You also can predefine thing you don't let kids to see.
Child Protection intelligent content Filtering Engine blocks porn site before it appears in front of children's eyes.
limit game and chat

Limit games and internet chat

Child Protection can determine which program is a game or chatting tool and limit it to run. The parents needn't to add any game to a blacklist.
protect eyesight

Protect eyesight

You can lock the PC's screen for a while every several minutes in order to protect child's eyesight.
screen shot

Activity reports

Monitor the online activity of your children. Captures Windows screenshots periodically at set time interval.
time limit

Limit internet access by day and time

Set limits on the time children spend on internet, computer games, and instant messages.
hide process

Hide process from Task Manager

You could not find Child Protection whether in the explorer or in the task manager. Everyone could not close or remove Child Protection without password.

Website and Application Monitoring

The Child Protection software also lets you delve into your child's activities in more depth by allowing you to review a list of every website your child visits to ensure that they are not viewing pornography, hate sites, or suspicious chat rooms. You can also monitor any applications or games they are using to make sure they are age appropriate and safe. If they are not, you can then use the website filter to block future viewing. Knowing that you can review all of your child's activity quickly will put your mind at ease.

Keystroke Monitoring

The keystroke monitoring aspect will allow you to enable the Child Protection software to capture the exact keystrokes on the computer. By capturing your child's keystrokes you can check that your child is not communicating with a potentially dangerous person in an inappropriate manner. You can be more assured that your child did not manage to enter an adult focused chat room or happen to friend a potential online pedophile who may be posing as a child. The keystroke monitoring adds one additional layer of security to help protect against your child giving out personal information to possibly harmful individuals.

Screenshot Capturing

Just monitoring what your child sees on standard websites is not enough. You also need to monitor other communication avenues such as instant messaging and email. Your Child Protection software package will allow you to set up screenshot capturing so that you can routinely review what pictures your child sees online or via IMs, chat rooms or email. It will allow you to know what your child is receiving and viewing from others via all the different communication avenues available.

Website and Application Filter

The Website and Application Filter will allow you to block your child from visiting less than desirable websites and from launching questionable applications. It can proactively keep them away from pornographic content, chat rooms, sites that promote any sites that you specifically target as not appropriate. It will also allow you to block instant messaging such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger or Skype. Since many adults targeting kids are adept at making contact via IM this feature is vital.

Social Networks Filter

A sub-feature of the website and application filter is the Social Network Filter. This section of the larger filter is dedicated to only social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. It provides parents with a simple interface to block access to these sites. With the advent of how much people share on social media sites it can be an easy way for people to learn about your children and develop a potentially harmful relationship. By using the social networks filter you, as the parent, can decide which sites your child is ready to use.

Time Controls

Our time controls allow you to specify which hours of the day for each day of the week your child is allowed Internet access. This feature helps you ensure that your child is only on the Internet when you are available to monitor his activities. There is also an advanced option that allows you to prevent users from changing the computer's system time so you can rest assured that your child cannot access the Internet except during your designated times. The time controls feature also allows you to set a maximum number of hours for online access so that your child cannot play games or surf the web more than you deem acceptable.

System Security

With children becoming more and more computer savvy, any systems control software needs to have a good system security so that your children cannot circumvent the controls you put in place to monitor for their Internet activities. Rest assured that your Child Protection software is robust enough to allow you peace of mind while not being so cumbersome that you cannot easily update any system setting with a keystroke or mouse click. You will be able to quickly customize your protection settings to ensure your child's safety while not allowing your child to quickly find ways to get around or modify your settings.

Individual User Settings

Since every child is different and every age is different, Child Protection software provides you with individual user settings that you can customize to fit your needs. By using the simple user interface you can quickly block or unblock specific websites or applications, time box your child's video game session, block all or some social media websites and limit your child's access to instant messenger applications. Every setting you set up is changeable so that as your child progresses you can reassess the level of access they are capable of handling.

Remote reporting via Email

What if your child needs to use the Internet while you are not there to oversee his activities? Well, with Child Protection software you can set up remote reporting so that you can have individualized reports emailed to any email address at any time. With remote reporting you do not have to be in the same room to monitor your child's online activity. Just use the simple interface to decide when and what to email yourself and rest assured that your child's activity will be monitored.

Easy to Install and Use

By taking parents' busy lives into consideration we at Child Protection software have made installation and usability simple and quick to use. The application, using a standard procedure, will install itself with only a few clicks from you. Then the parent interface is straightforward and very user friendly. It will walk you through all the steps you need to take to ensure your child is safe and secure online. For any questions that arise, application help can walk you through the answer so that your valuable time is not wasted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this disc more expensive than the others

Iget asked this question alot and I always answer the same. With otherdiscs you will be sent a blank DVD with no label art and poor qualitydiscs that might last a few months at best. My discs has a free discprotector and lots more when compared to the other poorer discs listedon ebay.

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What Operating System Does This Disc Support?

Windows XP , Vista , 7 and 8/8.1

32bit and 64bit.

How do I use this disc?

1. Insert disc into DVD drive

2. Software will automatically load.

3. The Program once installed will work in the background

Can I install and use the software on more than one computer?
Install it on as many computers are you like , Unlike other companies who limit you with there software to

1 PC per license you can use it to speed everything up

What About Updates - Do I have to pay for them.

Again this software is different from the rest , just buying this disc entitles you to lifetime updates free of charge

Wewould also like to mention that once the software detects an activeinternet connection it will download the latest version available.ensuring maximum compatibility.

Any Other Questions Please Contact Us

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