What You Need To Know About iOS 11 and how it could affect your day to day device use.

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What you need to know about iOS 11

If you’re a lover of all things Apple, then you’re probably excitedly awaiting the launch of the new iOS 11. Apple says its latest mobile operating system sets a whole new standard for their technology - and we can’t wait.

IOS 11 Updates


When is iOS 11 available?

A beta version of iOS 11 will be made available in the UK in summer 2017 with the final releases coming out in the Autumn of this year. But for developers, the latest operating system is available now.


So, what’s new? Let’s dive straight in...


Capture truly dazzling photos

There is a whole host of new and exciting features for Apple users to relish in, firstly you can truly fall in love with taking photos. With new professional-quality filters, you can capture your experiences in an even better light. Your portrait images become more expressive and skin tones become more natural.


A new-look app store

One of the biggest changes made to the operating system is to the App Store - it’s been rebuilt from the ground up. The ‘new today’ tab hopes to improve app discoverability and improve the user’s experience. Amongst other features, including a dedicated Games tab, the App Store has tutorials to help you get the most out of the apps you download, making your experience a significantly better one.


Increased integration in Messages

With a dedicated App Store button right above the keyboard, this means the user can access fun stickers to bring their conversations to life. There’s also an inbuilt Apple Pay feature, enabling friends to pay each other with ease through Messages itself.


A more helpful Siri

Voice search has grown exponentially over the last year, with the release of Alexa and Google Home. Siri has become smarter with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can ask it specific and personal questions such as asking it to play music you might like. As Siri learns more about you, the more personal your experience can become.


Exclusive iOS 11 features for iPad


Two of the biggest new features includes a brand new dock and the ability to multitask.


The brand new dock helps you access your most recent files and your favourite apps in an instant - the dock is now available on any screen making switching from app to app a lot easier. With the system-wide drag and drop feature iOS 11 enables its user to effortlessly drag and drop elements into different apps, a picture into an email, for example, this helps the user experience multitasking in the best possible way.


Other exclusive iPad features include:

  • Apple Pencil
  • Document Scanner
  • QuickType Keyboard
  • ARKit
  • And much more.

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