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Data Destruction Software!

Selling your computer and wish to remove all your files from your hard-drive before you send it out!
This is the software for you uses government grade data removal process to ensure your files cannot be recovered ever again!

Want to start again with a fresh new hardrive ready to install windows or your choice of operating system this is the disc for you.
It will literally remove everything and anything from the hardrive. Making it like brand new again and your tracks are covered!

Dont destroy your harddrive just use this software to erase and sweep the hardrive of all files! - Money saved and job done!

  • It will completely remove Windows from the hard drive inside your PC, along with all passwords, websites visited & old files.
  • When you have finished running this DVD you would need to reload Windows (or Linux) from a CD before the machine would become usable again.
  • This is a must have item for anyone reselling their PC 2nd hand on eBay.
  • This CD contains a bootable hard drive wiping application – so even if your install of Windows is malware-ridden & running very slowly, it doesn't matter - you can still wipe the drive inside easily.
  • The only drive it won't wipe is one which is physically faulty – which is usually evident from the CLICK-CLICK-CLICK noise they make.
  • Obviously, you’re DVD drive also needs to be in good working order to read the DVD, too.
  • It will make multiple passes of the hard drive, writing 1s, 0s, and finally random characters to each part of the hard drive.
  • This means that nothing will be recoverable from the hard drive – even by the most determined identity thief.
  • You can then pass the PC onto someone else, safe in the knowledge that all your private data is gone forever – along with your copy of Windows.

The Disc is for you if.....

This DVD is bootable, so it doesn't matter if your PC won't boot from the internal hard drive.

This CD will wipe IDE, SCSI & SATA hard drives. (SATA drive - go into the PC's BIOS and turn on IDE emulation mode).

It works with all laptop & desktop/tower PCs. Completely wipes the boot sector & everything else on the hard drive.

If you're thinking of taking an old PC to the tip, or you need to get rid of a persistent virus, this is the Data Shredder DVD for you.

Even if you delete files inside Windows they're still recoverable, only a CD like this will remove everything.

Security is our top priority

Wipes hard drives to DOD 5220.22-M standard (that's the American Department of Defence) & beyond.
If you have more than one hard drive inside your PC, then that will get wiped too.
Physically disconnect cables from any 2nd drive that you don't want wiping.
It's a good idea to remove any USB hard drives or memory sticks from the PC too. You've been warned!

No More Paying ridiculous prices to get your computer sweeped and ready to be off!

RRP - £18.99

Forget that we will sell you this product for a great price

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this disc more expensive than the others

I get asked this question alot and I always answer the same. With other discs you will be sent a blank DVD with no label art and poor quality discs that might last a few months at best. My discs has a free disc protector and lots more when compared to the other poorer discs listed on ebay.

  • High Speed Discs - For The Fastest Read Speeds - No waiting around for hours!
  • High Quality Label Art - No Bad Looking Blank Discs!
  • FREE* - Plastic Disc Sleeve to protect your disc during and after postage
  • Ultimate Postal Protection - Each Disc is sent in an Airmail Bubble wrapped envelope!
  • Each Disc is tested to ensure its fully working before I even send it!

What Operating System Does This software Support?

Windows XP , Vista , 7 and 8

32bit and 64bit.

How do I use this disc?

1. Insert disc into DVD drive

2. Software will boot from DVD

3. Software will load and your away.

(If not contact us and we can give you a hand)

Is This Disc Guaranteed to Wipe My Computer 100%?
Yes your data will be well and truly be sent to oblivion never to be recovered!

You have been warned use with caution!

Can I install and use the software on more than one computer?

Install it on as many computers are you like , Unlike other companies who limit you with there software to

1 PC per license you can use it to speed up as many PCS as you wish.


What About Updates - Do I have to pay for them.

Again this software is different from the rest , just buying this disc entitles you to lifetime updates free of charge

We would also like to mention that once the software detects an active internet connection it will download the latest version available. ensuring maximum compatibility.


I don't have an Internet connection will this disc still work

Your in luck this software has all the offline files ready to go!


Any Other Questions Please Contact Us

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Copyright Notice


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And The List Grows Each Day!

This Disc Is your One Stop Solution to removing every single shred of data from your hardrive!



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